Stone Harbor - Cape May, NJ Fishing Report

Pushlished On: July 23, 2023


Stone Harbor - Cape May, NJ Fishing Report

Pushlished On: July 23, 2023


Fun out on the reef

Stone Harbor - Cape May, NJ

Frank Breakell
Stone Harbor, NJ
  • At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Frank Breakell
At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Stone Harbor, NJ

Ran out this morning with Randy, his son Sean, and buddy Matt. The weather prognosticators finally got it right today, we had the calm seas they called for. The water was clear and warm too. Perfect conditions. We ran to the reef and set up our drift over some rubble. These guys were new to salt water fishing. So I explained the finer points; bounce your rod, give line to the fish when they hit, feel the weight and set the hook, don't reel all the way up, don't lift the fish out of the water,...and so on. It's a lot if you don't do it often. Getting the feel takes time. So, we drifted over the rubble, they got hits, missed, and gave out free meals to hungry fish. You're welcome PETA. Eventually they got the hang of it and started to pull up fish. Matt started things off with a sea robin. Then Sean got a sea bass and a sea robin. Around that time I decided to make a move and switch up tactics. We set up over a really large piece and I back trolled to hold us over various parts. The drift was slow anyway, but I figured it was worth a shot. It worked. Sean got a flounder. Then Matt got a keeper, but due to a SNAFU, it shook the hook. I won't mention any names...Matt! As was his usual today, Matt reeled up way too far and lifted. He was also tangled in Randy's line. The flounder saw it's chance and bolted. It was of course a nice sized keeper. To Matt's credit, he did land another keeper on a subsequent drift. He listened this time and it went into the box. Things slowed up on the rubble piles so we took a ride and spot locked over a wreck. We picked at sea bass and fed a bunch. While sitting there a school of striped fish took up residence beneath the boat. Not sure if they were pilotfish or banded rudderfish. We dropped small baited hooks down, even a jig, but they wouldn't touch anything. Would've been nice to catch one to see what they were. We called it a day when the bite slowed. I think a few of the boys were feeling a bit green beneath their gills too. But they endured the entire trip and did very well. We had a blast, and a lot of laughs. We won't discuss the ride behind Avalon in the no wake area... let's just say, there are some serious idiots driving boats out there. And I can't always hold back my 12 Guage, hair triggered mouth. The Coast Guard had a word with them, so all is right in the world. And overall, it was a great day! Tight Lines!


Heavy Fishing Pressure

Water clarity

Crystal Clear, Over 12 Feet

Scenic setting

Clear & Open

Weather data


Weather at 12:00 am



Feels 71



Low 66



Gusts 1



Dew 66

05:51 AM

08:19 PM

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