Roaring Ditch Fishing Report

Pushlished On: November 4, 2022


Roaring Ditch Fishing Report

Pushlished On: November 4, 2022


Back Bay fun!

Roaring Ditch

Frank Breakell
Stone Harbor, NJ
  • At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Frank Breakell
At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Stone Harbor, NJ

Ran around the back tonight solo. It was gorgeous out; light NE breeze, 60 degrees, and a moderate outgoing tide.  I found two stripers at my first stop of the evening. Caught them on back to back casts. Landed the first one and released it. The second ended up spitting the hook after a prolonged battle. No other action after that. There was a ton of bait around, spearing, small crabs, and squid.
My next stop was quiet except for some little fish zipping around. Not sure if they were small blues or little shad. They wouldn't touch anything I threw at them. So, I ran to another area.
This spot was loaded with shad. They were flashing all over the place. I pit on a sabiki rig and had a blast hauling up the little thrashers. Figured I might as well stock up for next flounder season while they're around. I kept twenty. I fileted them and packed them so I could vacuum pack them later. While at the cleaning station I landed two more stripers. All the stripers came on a quarter ounce jig head loaded with a Berkley Jerk Shad watermelon pearl. It's my go-to plastic.
After cleaning the shad I ran to one final spot. It was loaded with little fish like the spot from earlier. So, with no action, I called it a night. 
This is pretty much how it's been theist few times I've been out. Lots of stripers around in the 20 to 24 inch range, with occasional keeper sized stripers in the mix. Usually they are on top, but so.e nights they are down deep. You just need to work the area over and pay attention to the signs. Definitely worth getting out...

Tight Lines!

Gear & Tackle Used:

spinning rods,  quarter ounce jig, Berkley Jerk Shad watermelon pearl. 
sabiki rig.


No Other Anglers

Water clarity

Clear, 2-6 Feet

Scenic setting

Clear & Open



Weather data


Weather at 03:30 am, Clear



Feels 48



Low 42



Gusts 0



Dew 46

07:29 AM

05:55 PM

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