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We frequently get these questions. Is fishing a big part of New Jersey? What fish can you catch and eat in NJ? Does New Jersey have a state fish? Well, fishing is indeed a significant part of New Jersey's culture and economy. The state offers a wide variety of fish species that can be caught and enjoyed, including striped bass, bluefish, fluke (summer flounder), and black sea bass, to name a few. While New Jersey does not have an official state fish, it is well-known for its diverse and abundant marine life, making it a prime location for anglers. Brynnie-B Inshore Fishing capitalizes on this rich fishing heritage by providing top-notch fishing experiences, specializing in catching many of these prized fish species and offering anglers the opportunity to savor the bounty of New Jersey's waters.

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Brynnie-B Inshore Fishing offers a range of fishing trips, with durations spanning from 3 to 6 hours, allowing you to tailor your adventure based on your preferred experience and the amount of time you'd like to spend on the water.

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July 29, 2022

Reef and wreck fishing

We ran out to the reef today, and two wrecks, and landed fluke, skates, and a squid.
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July 22, 2022

Surf Trips

Morning and evening surf trips.
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July 18, 2022

Wrecks and Inshore are heating up

Ran out to a local reef this morning with Chris to see what we could find. We had damn near perfect conditions; light wind, enough cloud cover to keep it nice, and a fairly calm sea state.
We made it out to our destination fairly quickly and set up a drift over a nice wreck. I got it right the second attempt, and Chris hooked up immediately. We made a bunch of short drifts over the wreckage and picked off sea bass and flounder fairly consistently.  We ended up with three keeper fluke to 19", and two keeper sea bass. Chris was high hook.
Around the time the bite slowed up a dive boat rolled up and asked if we planned to move any time soon. We I formed them that we were in fact making our last drift and they could have the spot. They were grateful and proceeded to tell us all about the myriad of species we were fishing over as the structure holds loads of critters. I asked if they ever came across lobsters? They said they did, but not lately. After our informative conversation we cruised off to try some rubble. Not a touch. We checked another wreck. Dead also.
Given the suddenly dismal fishing we decided to try our luck at trolling. We ran a little ways off the reef area and deployed a variety of metals and a teaser bird with a Clark spoon attached in tow. We cruised around doing 5-6mph. The water on the reef was 71-72 degrees. The area we were trolling was 75-76 degrees. And the water was a clear and blue as could be.
As we trolled around we marked all sorts of bait schools. Then we had a few flying fish erupt from the water. Those little buggers are so damn cool, and pretty! There were little storm petrals flying here and there. And a huge leatherback turtle came up to gulp some air. Finally, the bird teaser Clark spoon got hit. Chris hauled in a little false albie. No other action.
We ran back to the reef to give it a try again. We were one of five boats left on the reef. We drifted over the structure three times, got a few hits, but no hook ups. Decided to call it a day. Even though all of our good action came from one wreck, we had a great time. Things are finally starting to look up and shape up to where they should be this time of the year. Finally...
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