Dennis Creek Fishing Report

Pushlished On: November 12, 2022


Dennis Creek Fishing Report

Pushlished On: November 12, 2022


Back Bay Bass

Dennis Creek

Frank Breakell
Stone Harbor, NJ
  • At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Frank Breakell
At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Stone Harbor, NJ

Bugged around the back last night to see if the stripers would be chewing prior to the storm rolling up the coast. Butch tagged along too. 
Decided to run some different areas to take advantage of the incoming and then turn of the tide. The first area we tried seemed quiet. There were already two guys there fishing. They stated that they had been picking at the bass and even landed a keeper. We pit on heavier jigs and plied the depths. The two guys each landed a short. Butch and I struck out. We made a move.
The next spot had a few bass blowing up on small bait. I managed a short holding near a piling. No other action. The next area was devoid of life. So, on to the next.
Butch decided that he wanted to try so.e clam that he brought along. I stuck with my 1/4 ounce jig and plastics. I nailed a striper off another piling. Then two more off structure. Butch got his first striper of the night as well.
We skipped a few areas due to fishermen already working them over. Seems there are more and more people fishing these days. Thankfully there are enough areas around to find solitude. Our next area had fish cruising, but they had lock jaw. The stop after seemed quiet, but Butch managed to land two back to back on plastics. Casting into the same area no less. 
I had high hopes for our next area as it had been producing lately. It didn't disappoint. I hooked with a nice striper that gave me a serious tussle. It took off and I couldn't turn it. It finally managed to spit the hook. I was pissed,  but it's part of the game. I managed another striper that measured in at 25". Quite the brawler, but nothing like the one I lost. 
We checked a spot afterward, which was quiet. Then made one final stop for the night. Again, pretty quiet. So.e shad flashing around down deep. I pulled one last striper, another 25 inches, off a flat. There couldn't have been more than a foot of water. The bugger smashed my jig as soon as it landed and took off. It put on quite the show on the surface. Pretty sure it scared off everything within a quarter mile or so. And that's where we ended our evening. And a fun one it was.
Before I end my verbal barrage, I'd like to say thank you to all of the veterans out there. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice and service to preserve the freedoms we all take for granted. You are the best part of these United States of America. 
Tight Lines!

Gear & Tackle Used:

spinning rods with jigs and plastics.


Light Fishing Pressure

Water clarity

Very Clear, 6-12 Feet

Scenic setting

Clear & Open




Total catch1

striped bass


Total catch - 1

Species Name : Morone Saxatilis

Habital : River, Lake, Onshore, Near shore

Weight :

Weather data


Weather at 02:14 am, Rain, Partially cloudy



Feels 66



Low 58



Gusts 0



Dew 64

06:38 AM

04:48 PM

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