Deep Creek Fishing Report

Pushlished On: August 30, 2022


Deep Creek Fishing Report

Pushlished On: August 30, 2022


Back bays are lighting up!

Deep Creek

Frank Breakell
Stone Harbor, NJ
  • At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Frank Breakell
At Brynnie-B, we go where the fish are!
Stone Harbor, NJ

I'm gonna ramble on a bit with this one as I have been out a few times for various reasons. I ran two fluke trips out to the reef that were less than stellar. Not bad necessarily, we had a lot of fun, but the fluke were smaller and much less cooperative. And the wind had swung back out of the south. Each trip saw at least one person become seasick as well. One ended early, the other with a keeper fluke caught in the back. 
I met up with Justin to check out the back bay bite via the bridges. We found loads of bait, super thick in some areas. Peanut bunker and spearing, swirling around in huge schools. So.e spots had fish blowing up on the bait, other spots were quiet. We saw stripers, blues, and even weakies in various areas, but getting them to bite was a conundrum. We went fishless despite our best efforts.
I ran Johnnie's ashy ass ( sorry, my way of getting a last joke in with my dear friend) out to his final resting place along with one of his friends, his brother and his wife. It was a bit sporty. But we made it and he is now sitting in one of his favorite fishing areas. He'd better Bring me some luck out there! And I hope he's enjoying the fishy view.
Being a bit of a somber day, as if on cue, Jesse gave me a call and broke me out of my mood. He wanted to the his daughter Alyssa out for a night trip. I warned him that the bite had been off the night before. He said, so? I often forget it's not always about the fishing. Sometimes it's about the time spend with family and friends. Fishing is secondary. 
So, we poked around in the dark and checked out the usual haunts. The water was a bit on the murky side, and there was still a ton of bait holing around the structures. We found the fish, and they were very willing participant's. Very willing. Jesse and I ended up landing five nice stripers each to Alyssa's one. We landed, or had boatside, four weakfish each and lost a few more. And then later in the night we got into some nice blues. In the three plus pound range. They were fat, aggressive, and puking up spearing and peanuts like crazy. Alyssa was high hook with the blues, while Jesse and I landed four or five each and fed far more a variety of plastics.
It was a perfect evening too. Slicky calm, slight breeze, good friends, billions of stars, and willing fish. Can't ask for much more...
Tight Lines!

Gear & Tackle Used:

Light spinning rods with 1/4oz jigs and various plastics.


No Other Anglers

Water clarity

Cloudy, 1-2 Feet

Scenic setting

Clear & Open


Soft Plastic


Total catches35



Total catches - 15

Species Name : Pomatomus Saltatrix

Habital : Nearshore, Onshore

Weight :

striped bass


Total catches - 12

Species Name : Morone Saxatilis

Habital : River, Lake, Onshore, Near shore

Weight :

spotted weakfish


Total catches - 8

Species Name : Cynoscion Nebulosus

Habital : Onshore, Nearshore, Coastal River

Weight :

Weather data


Weather at 01:14 pm, Partially cloudy



Feels 76



Low 71



Gusts 0



Dew 73

06:25 AM

07:34 PM

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